Safety, Stability, Performance: The True Tests of a Beautiful Cosmetic

The science of cosmetics production is forever changing. It is generally accepted that most new changes in the production of cosmetics contribute to their improvement - but the only way to really know is via lab testing, either the newly-introduced raw materials or the more familiar finished products.

Even if no changes were made to ingredients or production processes, you expect all of your cosmetics to be manufactured at the highest quality standards - standards meant to avoid such issues as bacterial contamination, skin irritation, or even the failure to perform their basic function.

Therefore, a qualified Lab Testing Service must have the capability to adapt to developmental changes, deliver consistently accurate results against all specified testing methods, and even contribute to the changing field - for example, through Quality Assurance assistance - as you strive to develop the safest, highest-quality product possible.

Most major markets around the world have fairly stringent requirements for cosmetic products. When it comes to the United States, cosmetic testing requirements must cover the following:

Microbial Contamination

The potential for harmful fungi or bacteria to thrive in cosmetic products, particularly thicker substances like mascaras, is great enough that a variety of preservatives are used to stave off contamination. Several lab tests have been designed to determine both immediate microbial contamination in the product when it comes off the factory line, and the ability of your chosen preservative to kill future microbes before they can proliferate.


Cosmetics come in closer contact with our bodies than any other product, including textiles and jewelry. When you want to ensure healthy interaction between cosmetics and skin, corners absolutely cannot be cut to save time or testing costs. Shortcuts will always cause irrefutable damage in the long run - to users, to the environment, and to your brand's fidelity.

A number of important toxicity tests have been designed to ensure the safety of all types of cosmetics, including in such issues as eye irritation and corrosion; skin sensitivity and absorption; cytotoxicity; endocrine disruption; as well as measures to determine carcinogenic levels and a product's potential to affect the reproductive system.


The difference between a product that comes off the store shelves fresh and one which maintains its freshness over the intended lifetime of the product is the difference between dissatisfied, one-time consumers and future advocates of your brand. A seemingly lovely cosmetic product will not be able to maintain its shelf life it is produced with cheap substances. It takes commitment to material and production quality to keep those bathroom products from developing odors or losing their color.


Simply put: what is your cosmetic product designed to do? By all FDA and FTC (Federal Trade Commission) standards, if you intend to advertise your product, for example, as a moisturizer, cleanser or sunblock, you must be able to demonstrate your product's ability to moisturize, cleanse, or provide protection from the sun, respectively.

Reliable lab testing can provide you with verifiable results to back up your claims, including for such products as anti-dandruff and scalp sensitive shampoos; long-lasting and safe hair dyes; exfoliates and deodorants.

A Testing Service Versed in All Cosmetic Product Requirements

No batch of cosmetics should leave the factory floor - or even the development room - without a thorough examination and reevaluation of all the above criteria.

Your product is designed to coexist against skin for extended periods of time, and you wish to make every available effort to offer the public something they can use safely and with enjoyment. QIMA's full-spectrum testing service shares your concerns and matches your commitments with industry experience and scientific expertise to deliver valid testing results that you can depend on.

Your road to any cosmetics market, as well as your brand’s market integrity, are built on your company's unwavering safety and quality standards. QIMA Testing and Inspection Service can be a valuable asset to you along the way.

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