2018 QIMA Mid-Year Survey

Trade Wars, Brexit, and Global Supply Chains in 2018 – the QIMA Survey: Highlights

Get an exclusive look behind the scenes following a survey to QIMA's database to undercover how the escalating US-China trade stand-off is affecting global supply chains and sourcing strategies halfway into 2018:

China remains the dominant sourcing powerhouse, but South Asia and Africa are on the rise as buyers diversify in a bid to optimize costs

For US businesses, rising costs are also the main outcome of the US-China tariffs, with SMEs being hit the hardest

Near-shoring is growing in popularity on both sides of the Atlantic

Against the background of the US-China escalation, Brexit concerns are taking the back seat

Download the full report for further insights on:

  • The shifts in sourcing geographies in H1 2018 compared to 2017
  • The impact of the US-China trade war on businesses in the US, China and beyond
  • Industries most and least likely to source new suppliers outside China
  • Emerging and expanding sourcing regions for Textile, E&E and other consumer goods sectors